Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Google Docs for Genealogists by Thomas MacEntee

Today's webinar, Google Docs for Genealogists, presented by Thomas MacEntee, is now in our webinar archives. Webinar attendees wrote, "I didn't realize there was so much to Google" and "I had heard about Google Docs but had never realized how very powerful it is...". Thomas did a superb job teaching how the free Google Docs can aid our organization, research, and backup strategies.

View the recording
If you could not make it to the live event, the 1 hour 29 minute recording of Google Docs for Genealogists is now available to view in our webinar archives. Visit to watch.

Pre-order the webinar-on-CD
Googledocscdweb Own your own copy of Google Docs for Genealogists by purchasing the webinar-on-CD for just $9.95. It includes the recording of the class (1 hour 29 minutes), the complete Q/A session, and 9 pages of handouts. Click here for more information or to purchase.

Special discount coupon
The special discount coupon of googledocs that was announced during the webinar is valid for 10% off anything in our online store through Monday, May 23, 2011.

Viewers' comments
  • Absolutely fantastic seminar. Always look forward to Thomas' webinars. Great topic, great seminar and I am going right now to play in Google Docs! Thank you very much!
  • As always the Thomas & Geoff team gave a very informative & entertaining presentation.
  • Even though I have used Google Docs for quite some time, I found some new tricks to making the experience more pleasant. Thank you!
  • Excellent presentation, clearly presented in a well-thought out, step by step manner.  Very helpful.
  • Great Webinar, I did not realize that Google Docs had all of those features...another tool for the toolbox!
  • I didn't realize that there was so much to Google. He is a great speaker.
  • I had heard about Google Docs but had never realized how VERY powerful it is.  My sister and I are researching together while living 1000 miles apart, and the information shared in this webinar is going to open a whole new world of collaboration for us!  Thank you!
  • My Society is trying to decide what to do about retaining our files. Google Docs looks like it is our solution. Thanks!
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