Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New ways to Share and Receive with anyone, anywhere, in the world. Free webinar

Taught by Marlo Schuldt

This will be a fun class. No pressure. Just come and see some new ways to share all the great projects you've been working on. Sharing causes those who receive to share photos and information you never knew existed about family and relatives.

  1. Create a self-running CD/DVD. (Runs when the recipient inserts it into their computer. Even gives them simple user instructions.
  2. Use a Free Cloud to Share. (This is easy so don't let that scare you). Learn to share photo collections with your children and relatives.
  3. Drag and Drop Photos to Family Search / Family Tree. Even better, you can drag photos from Family Tree right into your collections.
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Webinar Schedule

Day: Thursday
Date: August 22nd.
Time: 7:00 PM MDT

Time Zone Examples

 If a webinar is scheduled to begin at
7:00 pm MDT
it would start at the time listed in the following time zones:

6:00 PM - Pacific
7-8:00 PM - Mountain
8-9:00 PM - Central
9-10:00 PM - Eastern

Toronto, Canada. 9:00 pm.
Sydney, Australia.
12:00 Noon (next day) London, England. 1:00 am (next day)
Auckland, New Zealand. 2:00 pm (next day) Oslo, Norway. 2:00 am (next day) 
Jerusalem, Israel.
3:00 am (next day)

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