Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Book of Me, Written by You - Hangout Announcement - 29th October 2013

Just 8 weeks in and I have to say the support and interest in the Book of Me has been breathtaking.

The Facebook group has been a true source of amazement and engagement. It is wonderfully refreshing to see a group of relative strangers come together, across the many miles and time zones to share their stories, listen to stories and be part of something very thought provoking.

 On the back of the Facebook group I decided to undertake a couple of trials.
  1. A video to accompany the prompts, which started with week 3. I was asked if I could produce one each week and so far I have, either in the format of me talking or a presentation style, which I think is my preference, as it means that I can prepare them in my pajamas!
  2. A fortnightly hangout on air. - These have been fairly well supported.
Mr Google is my new best friend, well after several fellow genealogists, who did some hand holding - you know who you are, so thank you! Through Google we can tap into the facilities of Communities and YouTube.
  • The Google+ Community is HERE
    • This is where you can join the event live and leave comments in the Google+ stream
  • The YouTube Channel is HERE
    • This is where you can watch live or view later when it is convenient.
    • This is where the weekly short presentations are of the prompts (from week 3)
The hangouts are going to be a regular feature - every fortnight. 
  • Week 1 - live for the UK & Australasia time zones
  • Week 2 - live for the UK & US time zones
Depending on my schedule the day may vary, but I quite like Tuesday's!

The next hangout is set for Tuesday 29th October at 4pm London time

Use World Time Buddy to see the time in your region. 
The URL will be listed on both the Google Community & Facebook Group

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