Saturday, February 1, 2014

#RootsTech 2014 sessions scheduled to stream LIVE

Sad you won't be in Salt Lake City to experience RootsTech 2014 in person this next week? Thank-fully selected sessions are scheduled for live streaming right to your computer, wherever you are in the world with internet access. Sessions begin Thursday, 6 February and run through Saturday, 8 February.

Ever on the lookout for online learning experiences to share, Ol' Myrt here has incorporated the #RootsTech 2014 live streamed conference sessions to the Google calender at GeneaWebinars. So there is no need to be confused about time zones, Google Calendar does all the calculating for you. Yay!

Now, just in case you don't have your computer tuned in constantly to, you can receive pop-up and email reminders of selected sessions you've added to your personal calendar!

Happy family tree climbing!
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