Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Webinar--November, 2014

November, 2014
Time Travel with Google Earth
  • Presenter: Lisa Louise Cooke
  • Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2014
  • Time: 7:00 PM CST
  • Webinar Description: Get ready to experience old historic maps, genealogical records, images, and videos coming together to create stunning time travel experiences in the free Google Earth program. We'll incorporate automated changing boundaries, and uncover historic maps that are built right into Google Earth. Tell time travel stories that will truly excite your non-genealogist relatives! You’ve never seen anything like this class!
  • Register at:
    Webinar ID: 110-794-123
    After registering, you will receive an email with information and a link to join us the night of the webinar and handout information.Please remember that this is a first come first serve webinar. Registering does not hold a spot for you. Those that log in first will be admitted to the webinar. 
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