Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WACKY Wednesday: Heritage Quest Online

DATE: 25 March 2015 
By popular demand, we're exploring the new HeritageQuest Online website, accessible via public libraries, including some that provide home access through public library website portals. This is especially important since now manages the HeritageQuest Online servers.

You will be surprised how in a very short time, has added helpful context sensitive advertizing in the form of info pages that lack the HQ/Ancestry co-branding, in favor of branding.

I'm not faulting, except for the fact that the sometimes much better HQ US federal census images are now replaced by Ancestry census images. Also, sadly, the HQ census search engine is gone. I am one who believes the HQ census indexes had a higher accuracy rate than Ancestry's. (sigh)

Come on over to see which of DearMYRTLE's very distant cousins will visit to explore one topic in depth.


9pm Eastern (New York)
8pm Central (Chicago)
7pm Mountain (Denver, Salt Lake City)
6pm Pacific (Los Angeles)
UTC-7 hours

If you need a time zone converter, this is the one Ol' Myrt uses:

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