Sunday, December 9, 2018

Global Genealogy at the Scottish ViC

Global Genealogy will be returning to the Virtual Marketplace at this year's Scottish ViC. The Scottish ViC is the only virtual conference dedicated to Scottish research. Being virtual, it is accessible from anywhere in the world, making attendance easier for the diaspora researching their Scottish ancestors. 

Global will be offering a significant discount for those attending the ViC. Global offers international shipping. They have an extensive collection of resources relating to Scottish genealogy research, including two new resources, Swarm of Bees and Voyage to Quebec:

Swarm of Bees follows Lanark Society Settlers from Scotland to Ontario (Upper Canada), through Nauvoo Illinois, Council Bluffs Iowa and then along the Mormon Trail into Utah. There is a 32 page index of surnames as well as 50 family trees included within the book. 

Narrative of a Voyage to Quebec offers a first hand view of the emigration of Lanark Society Settlers who left Scotland and settled in Ontario, Canada. It gives terrific insight into some of the hardships encountered and shows the sheer stamina and determination of these early Scottish settlers. 

Global also has several books authored by Scottish genealogist Chris Paton.

Global is just one of the many vendors in the virtual marketplace at this year's Scottish ViC. 

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