Friday, March 22, 2019

UGA DNA - "The Leeds Method: Grouping DNA Matches to Identify Common Ancestors," by Dana Leeds

A UGA DNA webinar presented by Dana Leeds on 26 Mar 2019.  6-7pm MT.

This webinar is FREE and OPEN to the public.

Dana Leeds will present an overview of the Leeds Method, demonstrate analysis of the resulting spreadsheet, and provide examples of case studies using this innovative tool. This method visually identifies groups of DNA matches who likely share common ancestors. It does not require advanced computer skills nor advanced knowledge of genetic genealogy. And, since previous knowledge of the test taker’s family is not required, the Leeds Method is useful in adoption and unknown parentage cases. This method is not only a great first step when beginning to work with DNA matches but is also a great additional step to see DNA matches from a new perspective. It is also a great tool for investigating matches who do not have trees.

Dana LeedsWhile working on an adoption case in 2018, Dana Leeds developed an innovative method for sorting DNA matches that has proven helpful to both traditional genealogists and those working with cases of unknown parentage. A genealogist for over twenty years, Dana has completed an Advanced Genetic Genealogy course at GRIP, Excelsior’s Advanced Genealogical Research course, and Boston University’s 15-week Certificate Program in Genealogical Research.

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