Friday, November 1, 2019

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Tuesday, November 5, 6pm MDT

"Career Options for Professionals:  A Panel Discussion"

by Danielle Batson, AG, Christy Fillerup, Rick Price, AG, and Kelly Summers, AG

This webinar is FREE and open to the public.

This webinar will be a panel discussion about the different career options for professional genealogists. We will answer questions about our careers and how we prepared to be employed various genealogical careers. Come join us for an interesting discussion.

Danielle is an Accredited Genealogist in the U.S. Midwest States. She has worked for FamilySearch since 2000 and was a U.S./Canada reference consultant in the Family History Library for 13 years. She now works full time on the FamilySearch Research Wiki as the Wiki Content Manager.

Christy is the Research Teams Manager for Legacy Tree Genealogists, which means she oversees anything related to the research side of the business, including researchers, editors, and contractors. She is a past editor of the APG Quarterly, and a former Director of the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. She loves Southern brick-wall research and anything British.

Richard is an Accredited Genealogist in English research and specializes in the research problems of English-descended families, with special emphasis on Colonial Immigration and Norfolk families. He is the owner of Price Genealogy, a research firm based in Salt Lake City.

Kelly is an Accredited Genealogist in US Midwest, US Pacific, Spain & Mexico. She also specializes in Scandinavian and Chinese genealogical research. Kelly has been teaching Family History at Brigham Young University for over 13 years. She also teaches online courses for Salt Lake Community College in their Genealogy Program.

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