Tuesday, September 8, 2020


The Highland Archive Services are a bit unique in that there are actually FOUR centres. The Highlands cover a very large land mass and as such, the records are spread across a number of miles. To be able to secure the large variety of collections, the Highland Archive Services have four centres rather than the usual one per council area.

The four centres are: 

  • Inverness (top left)
  • Lochaber in Fort William (bottom left)
  • Nucleus in Caithness (top right)
  • Skye in Portree (bottom right)

Each centre has a unique and diverse set of collections unique to the area in which they are situated but they also have common record sets such as Poor Relief, Schools, Valuation Rolls etc.


Highland Archive Service Community Engagement Officer gives this presentation and it is stellar. Here is an example from the presentation:


Lorna's presentation is just one of seven that will be shown on Saturday November 28th as part of the Scottish ViC's Highland Research Day, Saturday, November 28th, 2021.

Access to recordings is available for 6 weeks following the ViC. 


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