Monday, March 29, 2021

Chinese Ancestors in Canada


Chinese research expert, Linda Yip will be presenting on Chinese research as part of Course One of the Canadian Genealogical Virtual Research Institute which focuses on  Immigration to Canada. 

Learning objectives for Linda's presentations: 

A.      Foundation of researching in Chinese genealogy

B.      Understanding of migration patterns

C.       Overview of history 1850-1949

D.      The records

Linda will cover history, migration patterns, languages and detangling Chinese names. 

Linda Yip is a genealogist, public speaker, storyteller, writer, photographer, and entrepreneur. She tells you this because she brings all her creative skills to bear on her research. To Linda, genealogy only begins with the BMDs. There is so much more to know about our ancestors. 

Linda got started in genealogy with her own Chinese ancestry, and she's privileged to be on the Ancestry Advisory Board of Canadian Genealogists. Her skills come from focusing on the particular challenges presented by Asian genealogy, and she has done genealogical research into subjects from Chinese disenfranchisement to Japanese internment. She also enjoys tracking ancestors from British Columbia to Newfoundland, and especially in Saskatchewan, where she currently resides.

In her former life, Linda was Executive Assistant to the Firm Managing Partner and Board for an international law firm. She personally assisted dozens of legal teams on major cases. Now she uses those administrative skills to help genealogists organize their finds with Evernote. After all, if you can't find it when you need it, it's the same as not having it at all! Linda a proud member of the Saskatchewan, and British Columbia genealogy societies in Canada, and the Seattle Genealogical Society in the USA, plus the Chinese Canadian Historical Society. She hosts a monthly Chinese genealogy coffee chat on Zoom with the BCGS, and runs a private Facebook Group: Genealogy for Asian Canadians, where she tries to bust brick walls in real time.

Other topics covered in Course One are:

  • The Irish in the Maritimes
  • Black Nova Scotians and Black Loyalists
  • Immigration groups in Quebec
  • Ontario Land Settlement and Settler Groups
  • Fur Trading and Metis ancestors
  • Irish Palatine
  • Russian-Germans
  • Settling the West
  • Immigration Groups in the West

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