Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last minute info about TODAY's MORE Blogging for Beginners Webinar

Our friends at Legacy Family Tree Webinars are hosting DearMYRTLE's MORE Blogging for Beginners webinar in just a few  hours. It's free! We did a quick run-though yesterday to be sure all systems are go! 
Here's the DETAILED scoop of topics Ol' Myrt here will discuss during the webinar:

  • Adding followers
  • Adding a graphic on the side bar
  • Adding the Google Search Box
  • Template Designer – colors, backgrounds
  • Template Designer – layout width adjustments
  • Monetize – Amazon Associates
  • Add Page (like a tab) on your blog for disclosure statement.
  • Backing up your blog 
  • Adding a printing option to your blog
  • Hide (effectively remove) the Blogger Nav Bar across the top
  • Where to go for help
The webinar will be held live on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 in these time zones.
2:00 PM Eastern (U.S.)
1:00 PM Central
12:00 PM Mountain
11:00 AM Pacific
7:00 PM GMT

Register for this webinar at  
The first 1,000 to arrive will get a seat for this event.

1 comment:

GeniAus said...

Thanks Myrt - I learnt a few new tricks this morning on the webinar