Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life in Civil War America - FREE WEBINAR

As we mark the 150th anniversary of the war between the states, learn what life was really like during that era—for the soliders who fought and died in the conflict, as well as the civilians they left behind at home. Take a virtual trip back to the 1860s with the author of the new book Life in Civil War America to discover what your ancestors wore, said, ate, earned, did for fun and more!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
2:00pm Eastern, 1:00pm Central, 12:00pm Mountain, 11:00am Pacific

What you’ll learn:

* How soldiers passed time off the battlefield
* What songs and clothing were popular during the era
* How shortages affected prices and availability of goods
* And many more intriguing facts!

Who should attend:

* History buffs curious about Civil War life beyond the battlefield
* People tracing Civil War ancestors
* Teachers seeking social history knowledge to supplement Civil War curriculum
* Anyone interested in learning about this important era in American history

Registration for the live session includes:

* Participation in the live presentation and Q&A session
* Access to the webinar recording to view again as many times as you like
* PDF of the presentation slides for future reference
* Coupon for purchase of Life in Civil War America or 2011 Civil War desk calendar


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Wendy B. said...

Hi Thomas. I'd like to view the Civil War webinar, but won't be able to during the time that it's offered. Is there a way that I can view the recording of it afterward WITHOUT signing up for the webinar? I'd just hate to take up a webinar seat that someone else might be able to use.


geneabloggers said...


I went to the website for Family Tree University and used the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page - you should email and ask them your question. I don't see anywhere that the recording will be available after the webinar so perhaps you should ask.

Just Pam said...

Isn't this during the same time as your Google Toolbox webinar? This is when a split personality really would come in handy!!!

Brian D. said...

This looks great! I'm signed up. I'm going to have to catch the recording of Thomas's webinar.

Just dropping a comment to note that this webinar is not on the Calender. Thanks, love this blog and service!