Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Building a Research Toolbox with Thomas MacEntee - free webinar recording now online

Thomas MacEntee came through again for us today in his fantastic webinar, Building a Research Toolbox. One of our viewers commented, "I wish I had this info when I started my research. A MUST FOR ALL, NOT JUST GENEALOGISTS!" Another commented, "Many new and VERY useable sites given, esp. Evernote, Weebly, and the Link Valet!" Right on viewers! 

View the recording
If you could not make it to the live event earlier today, the 1 hour 28 minute recording of Building a Research Toolbox is now available in our webinar archives. Visit to watch. The free recording will be available until April 18, 2011. 

Pre-order the webinar-on-CD - includes 5 pages of handouts
CD-web-toolbox Own your own copy of Building a Research Toolbox by purchasing the webinar-on-CD for just $9.95. It includes the recording of the class (1 hour 28 minutes), the complete Q/A session, and five pages of handouts. Click here for more information or to purchase. 

Special Discount Coupon
The special discount coupon of toolbox that was announced during the webinar is valid for 10% off anything in our online store through Monday, April 11, 2011. 

Viewers' comments
  • An incredible amount covered in such a short time.  Excellent content.  Thomas is such a good speaker.
  • Best one yet!
  • Tons of great information and examples of websites to use to help organize research! Great Job!
  • Excellent overview. As a "power user" I knew about some of the tools, but not all, and I learned new things about familiar websites.
  • Excellent. Learned so much more than today's topic alone. I really enjoy the extra tidbits Thomas MacEntee presents and that he is so generous in sharing his resources! Pleasure to participate in his webinars!!
  • Fantastic...but my head is spinning. I thought I was organized, but this webinar has prooved me WRONG! Now to get to work on redoing my thought process and get Organized. Thank you so very much for this opportunity.
  • Great info.  I wish you had done this one long ago.
  • Great information, as always!  Every webinar seems to have a few 'jewels' that absolutely make it worth taking the time to watch the webinar.  I'd add that it is also worth watching 'again and again' via the DVDs.
  • Great!! I got lots of terrific info out of this webinar! Loved the tip on passwords as well as discussion on various storage containers. Thank you!
  • I always hope to learn something, but today my expectations were exceeded.  i learned a lot - even with regard to things I'm already using.  Great presenter, great info.
  • I loved the password trick!   Thanks!
  • It sure beats windows favorites for organizing links. Once I build my genealogy research toolbox, I am going to build one for each of my other hobbies.
  • Many new and VERY useable sites given, esp. Evernote, Weebly, and the Link Valet!
  • I wish I had this info when I started my research.  A MUST FOR ALL, NOT JUST GENEALOGIST!
  • Thrilled with the excellent presentation by Thomas MacEntee. I learned lots and will certainly be purchasing the CD for future reference. Questions asked by the audience were also helpful.
  • Thomas was very professional but always very friendly and honest with his responses. He and Geoff Rasmussen worked well together.
  • Very interesting.  I now have a much better idea of how to set up my favourites, bookmarks, etc. and will be checking out several of the options presented.  Thank you very much for the webinar.
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