Thursday, May 19, 2011

Archive available: DearMYRTLE’s FACEBOOK Workshop Webinar©

If you missed yesterday's DearMYRTLE’s FACEBOOK Workshop Webinar© it is available to download from Lulu.

This is a recording of Myrt's live demo. Facebook has replaced Google as the busiest site on the web. Analysts say blogging is dead, in favor of Twitter and Facebook, at least for the younger set. Want to connect with family and friends using Facebook, but concerned about security issues? Myrt walks through Facebook settings, demonstrates FB groups and FB pages, wall postings, adding links, uploading photo and tagging them, chat, instant and private messages.
  • Just want to thank you for sharing so much information. I set up a Facebook account so I could communicate with my daughters and see their pictures, etc., but have never known what to do with the people who "want to be my friend" so have ignored them.  I see now that I can use Facebook to share genealogy information with several of my "cousins" and keep them separate from my family plus ignoring people is okay.   
  • Thanks for another informative webinar!
  • Your relaxed presentation style makes it easy to learn. I'll sign up for the next webinar right away. 
This and previous previous DearMYRTLE webinars are found in DearMYRTLE's Store and Webinar Archive located on my blog at: 

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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