Friday, May 6, 2011

Free webinar now online - "Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Death Certificate"

This morning I received a death certificate for an ancestor and I was about ready to start adding it to Legacy when I had the idea to turn it into a "reality show" - with the death certificate as the star.

My boss called me right after today's impromptu webinar and said, "that was the best class you've ever given..." While I don't know about that, I am on cloud nine for how successful it was. I'm really excited for all of you to be able to watch it.

Just three hours before the event, I announced the impromptu mini-webinar on our Facebook page and blog, and couldn't believe that so many of you got the notice in time. The webinar turned out to be much more than a boring (I hope it wasn't boring anyways) class on typing in a death certificate. We discussed different websites, the Family History Library catalog, the source clipboard, how to analyze the evidence, and even how to organize your digital pictures - all with real documents using my personal database. It ended with a great question and answer session.

View the recording
If you could not make it to the live event, the 1 hour 23 minute recording of Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Death Certificate is now available in our webinar archives. Visit to watch. Don't worry though - it won't take you 1 hour and 23 minutes to type in a death certificate. Click here to print the death certificate so you can follow along.

The recording will be available in the webinar archives until at least May 16, 2011.

Viewers' comments
Thanks to all the live attendees for your participation. It was so fun to interact with you the way we did. And from your comments, it sounds like we should plan many more of this type of webinar:
  • Enjoyed watching you work. It helped build my confidence in how I'm using Legacy, and I learned a few new tricks.
  • Watching you go through the steps you use and commenting as you do each one showed me so much more than just how to add a death certificate.
  • Very helpful to use real source (death certificate) and real family - and address all the problems that arise and watch the way you use Legacy and set up your files.
  • Excellent-citing the sources properly is one area where I am always questioning whether I am doing it properly. There were lots of tips today that I didn't know previously, so I am excited about trying some new things.Thank you!!!
  • I REALLY enjoyed this one more than almost all of the other ones.  I learned more about how to input informtion (and what all information I have not been inputting that I should have) today than I have from any other source - videos, webinars, books, etc.
  • It was very good. I think the things that didn't go so smoothly made it seem a lot more realistic than if it had been canned.
  • THANK YOU, I have been hesitant to use the source writer.  You explained it beautifully.  I will be able to add sources now.  This was a very informative webinar.  I hope you will do more like this!
  • This was a GREAT Webinar. I have the training CD's and watch them often. However, this live presentation is the most powerful learning tool you have provided.
  • This was a great webinar. I picked up a couple of tips that I didn't know. I will certainly forward the link to the recording to our local Legacy User Group as I am sure they would surely benefit for the "Reality Show".
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