Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GeneaWebinars is 1 year old today!

A year ago, life was getting complicated with so many genealogy webinars and no centralized calendar.

THE RECIPE for the cure?
Step 1: Combine a small domain purchase (GeneaWebinars.com) and two free Google properties, Blogger and Google Calendar, and create GeneaWebinars.

Step 2: Add in a generous amount of all known genealogy webinar people to build the calendar and make blog posts advertising upcoming events.

Step 3: Mix in the ever curious GeneaPublic.

GeneaWebinars is one-stop shopping for info on genealogy webinars each week.

Congrats to all who have taken advantage of webinar technology to share research experiences and technology expertise. What a great way to learn our craft and hone our skills.

Thomas Macentee interviews DearMYRTLE in Happy Blogiversary to GeneaWebinars! where I said "To my mind, it’s a better use of my monies to spend $30 annual to join a society that presents one or two webinars a month, saving the archived versions in the members’ only area than it does to read the society’s newsletters. I really relate to the multi-media approach to learning. I like to listen to webinars while doing my filing or scanning on another computer. I can stop, rewind and replay a segment of an archived webinar to study a specific idea in more detail."
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Happy family tree climbing!
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