Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mondays with Myrt - Episode 1 Archived

Free and in the archives now!

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EPISODE 1 - 8 Oct 2012 Mondays with Myrt 
CO-HOST: Russ Worthington

TOPICS: We discuss the winners of the 2012 Share a  Memory Contest; studied how reading blog posts is facilitated by Google Reader organized into folders for genealogy, quilting, techie, etc.; and checked in at GeneaPress (one of the places Ol' Myrt looks for genealogy news). Russ explained how he uses Facebook to find and keep up with the children of a cousin who passed away a few years ago. Chris Wright from Australia mentions how folks at her local Family History Society are reluctant to use Facebook. We visited with Denise Levenick, author of The Family Curator blog and a brand new book titled How to Archive Family Keepsakes: Learn How to Preserve Family Photos, Memorabilia and Genealogy Records. Other sites discussed include: www.thehistorytrekker.com  and www.heirloomregistry.com .

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