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Mondays with Myrt - Episode 5 Archived

Free and in the archives now!

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Episode 5 - 12 November 2012 

CO-HOST: Russ Worthington

Honoring servicemen and women this Veterans Day (Observed), including:

  • Russ Worthington 1967-1968 Viet Nam
  • Myrt’s  Uncle Jack Player US Navy WWII
  • Glen S. Player, MD US Army
  • Ole J. Sogge, Philippines Insurrection  
Santa Barbara Genealogical Society . Web design made easy using County and state history books published the end of the 19th century into the early 20th century such as the one for Washington state Ol’ Myrt just discovered at Navigating scanned images of books includes all pages inside the cover, even if they are blank, so Myrt offers a tip for ease of navigation. Association of Professional Genealogists, specifically the Second Life Chapter.  Ellen describes a problem with Legacy Family Tree on an iMac, later resolved and reported DearMYRTLE’s Blog post titled Legacy works fine on iMac with ParallelsLightening Round: What have you done to honor your family’s military servicemen and women?

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