Wednesday, February 27, 2013

15-17 March Helen Leary webinar Tarheels Part 2

Tarheels in Your Family Tree?, Part II, will be presented, without cost, from the NCGS website 15-17 March. The video, a continuation of Helen Leary’s lecture on the genealogy of North Carolina, will be free for two more days. After March 17th the video will be accessible to NCGS members from the members only section of the NCGS website.

Ms. Leary provides us, through example, a continued exploration of the political changes within North Carolina and the records that resulted. She continues with explanations of direct and indirect evidence, original and derivative records, and the places to find them, plus much more.

Helen Leary is renowned as a genealogist, author, speaker, teacher, and mentor. Her knowledge is shared in the webinar and in the text she edited, North Carolina Research Genealogy and Local History. This volume is used as the text for the NCGS webinar series. It is available at the NCGS online bookstore at

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