Saturday, November 23, 2013

Create a beautiful one page History. Free Webinar

Come learn how to make a beautiful, but simple one page history Using Heritage Collector. There will be a freebie template for your participation!

The class will be on Tuesday November 26th, 10:00 am MST.

Time Zone Examples

 If a webinar is scheduled to begin at
7:00 pm MDT
it would start at the time listed in the following time zones:

6:00 PM - Pacific
7-8:00 PM - Mountain
8-9:00 PM - Central
9-10:00 PM - Eastern

Toronto, Canada. 9:00 pm.
Sydney, Australia.
12:00 Noon (next day) London, England. 1:00 am (next day)
Auckland, New Zealand. 2:00 pm (next day) Oslo, Norway. 2:00 am (next day) 
Jerusalem, Israel.
3:00 am (next day)
Our instructor will be Kathleen Bitter.
This class is one you can come, sit back and relax. Just enjoy the instruction on how easy it is to make a one page history, and how to share it with your family. What a wonderful and unique Christmas gift idea! These pages can even be printed off and framed!
 Below is the freebie template.
Register for the free class Here.
If you don't currently own a copy of Heritage Collector, you can try out our Standard version free. This is a no strings attached program. It's just free.
Download the free Standard version free Here.

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