Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Have a Genealogy Research Problem? Thomas MacEntee Wants to Help!

Are you willing to have one of your research problems dissected and plotted out in our upcoming Mind Mapping Your Research Plans and Results webinar on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 with Thomas MacEntee?
Thomas is looking for one lucky person who can share some basic information about a research problem, preferably one using US-based resources. If selected, during the webinar your research problem will be mapped out to show research processes, resources and more.
If interested, submit your information to Thomas and include the following:
  • A one sentence statement of the problem to be solved; i.e. “Determine the birth parents of Asa Madison.”
  • Include research “leads” as concisely as possible; don’t use “narrative” form – list facts such as “Appears in 1860 Census in Fonda, New York, age 20” or “Worked as saddle maker in Utica, New York in 1875.”
  • Also include any tidbits from family stories such as “Told he married a German woman in Albany,” etc.
Not only will Thomas attempt to map out the selected research issue, but webinar attendees will be asked to lend their advice and help develop possible research paths and resources. The lucky person will receive a PDF version of the mind map for future use. Here is an example of a mind map that Thomas created.

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