Monday, July 21, 2014

Make a talking photo book with video and sound files.

Come to a free class that will get you excited about a new way you can share your family history.

At this class, you will learn  how to add video and sound files to a photo book that can be easily accessed by a smart phone.

Imagine the excitement your children and grandchildren will feel as they view priceless video clips and photos from their childhood. All from the ease of their smart phones!

Younger children and grandchildren will get caught up in the fun too! Since younger children can't read, this will be the perfect way to get them engaged in family history at a very young age. All it takes is a smart phone and a QR code app. The phone will be used to scan over the QR code on the page. Then, a sound file or a video clip will play.

Adding QR codes to any picture is easy when you know how. A statement we share often. And, we will show you how!
This is an example of a basic page that was created in our program using the Storybook module.
It's since been printed off and bound in a book.  Now, it is in a book where it can be seen by my children at anytime. What is loved most about these books is the way it's communicated. Pictures, text, video and sound.

As you use your phone to access the QR code, you will see and hear my daughter at this very stage in her life. All with your phone.

If you aren't familiar with QR codes, that's okay. We will introduce
 you to them and how they work.

The class will be held Tuesday July 22, 2014  at 1:00 pm MST.
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