Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Women Homesteaders and Genealogy - BONUS webinar by Gail Blankenau now available in webinar library for subscribers


Dear Legacy Family Tree Webinar Subscribers,
I'll admit...I wasn't too sure if the topic of this webinar, "Women Homesteaders and Genealogy" was really going to be for me. Turns out it was one of my all-time favorites.
Sure, I've got lots of women in my pedigree (about half of my ancestors...) but didn't the men take care of the homestead applications? Turns out, it doesn't matter, because one resource Gail Blankenau mentioned solved one of my brick walls - for one of the men in my pedigree. While she was speaking, I casually did an online search in the database she recommended, for my Nathan R. Brown ancestor. What I found, I had been seeking for years! The 20-page homestead file, which was published in its entirety online, gave a potential exact place of birth for my Nathan!! He signed it with his personal signature.
Never miss a Legacy Family Tree webinar, regardless of whether you think it is for you or not!!
This was our second recorded BONUS addition to the webinar library (not available as a live broadcast). If you have U.S. ancestors alive during the passage of the 1862 Homestead Act you need to see this webinar. Be sure to download Gail's 15 pages of supplemental syllabus materials as well.
Click here to watch the 54 minute recording of "Women Homesteaders and Genealogy" and download/print the 15 pages of supplemental syllabus materials or click here to subscribe.

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