Monday, March 9, 2015

Nebraska: Finding Records - brand new BONUS webinar for Webinar Subscribers

Dear Legacy Family Tree Webinar Subscribers,
If you have ancestors that settled in or passed through the state of Nebraska, you need to watch our newest pre-recorded webinar, Nebraska: Finding Records by the President of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society, Ruby Coleman. This is the second in the series on finding your Nebraska ancestors.
Here's the webinar description:
Got Nebraska ancestors? In this webinar, Ruby Coleman will dive further into the available records to help you in your quest. Nebraska records begin in approximately 1854 and are primarily kept on a county level. This webinar will present information about the Nebraska State Historical Society’s online resources and collections. Other areas reviewed are the Nebraska State Surveyor’s Office records and records at the Civil War Veterans Museum. Plan your Nebraska research by using web sites that contain indexes and information. 
How to view:
So...your webinar membership just got more valuable!! At no extra charge to you, as an annual or monthly webinar subscriber, this webinar's recording is now available in the Webinar Library. Just head over to the library, login, and enjoy!
If you are not yet a webinar subscriber, we haven't taken anything away. Our free live webinars are still free, and their recordings are still free for about a week after the live broadcast. When you join us as a subscriber, you, too, will have access to these bonus members-only webinars. This is the fourth we've added since January. Take a look at all of these benefits:
  • Unlimited access to the entire Webinar Library (currently 215 classes to choose from)
  • Access to the instructors' handouts (currently 893 pages)
  • Access to the live webinars' chat logs
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