Friday, July 10, 2015

Let's play WHO'S IN MY LINE Saturday!

There WILL be prizes! - JOIN DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ for *GENEALOGY GAME NIGHT* tomorrow, 11 July 2015.  We're playing "WHO'S IN MY LINE?" designed to spotlight our ancestors. He or she doesn't have to be famous. Try to get the panel to guess his/her occupation, location, place in history or ???

  1. Evidence Explained (3rd Edition, digital version) by Elizabeth Shown Mills
  2. Headset Microphone - the Microsoft LifeChat LX3000 that Ol' Myrt and Cousin Russ use for every hangout
  3. Genealogical Proof Standard (paperback) by Christine Rose.
You are automatically entered to win IF you post comments before or during the hangout. Your name is entered TWICE if you also appear on the panel to play the game by sharing an ancestor spotlight with the members of the panel. The decisions of the judges are final For the 2nd and 3rd prizes, you must have a US delivery address.

We start the *live* broadcast as follows:

VIEW and COMMENT over in DearMYRTLE's G+ Genealogy Community (and maybe even JOIN the panel):

We are using Google+ Hangouts On Air for this event.
9pm Eastern US (New York)
8pm Central US (Chicago)
7pm Mountain US (Denver, Salt Lake City)
6pm Pacific US (Los Angeles)

If you need a time zone converter:
We open the "green room" 15 minutes early if you'd like to test out your microphone and webcam. Consider JOINing the panel when we "scramble" to mix up the conversation a bit with new panelists.

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