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ARCHIVED: DearMYRTLE's Scotland Genealogy Study Group Sessions

Lori, one of the study group participants says "Isn't technology wonderful to have so many people from other countries who share things we wouldn't otherwise get." She wasn't on the filmstrip panel, but contributed greatly by posting comments during the live broadcasts while Cousin Russ Worthington did his best to weave comments into the panelists' conversation.

SPECIAL thanks to our course coordinator and mentor extraordinaire Claire V. Brisson-Banks, CG, AG, MLIS, we've successfully completed 13 study group sessions chock full records survey and research strategies. Aside from having Scottish ancestry, she spent seven years as a paid staffer on the British reference desk at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

Throughout the series we've been provided insights by genealogists John Laws (not in Edinburgh, Scotland), Billy Wallace (from Glasgow), and Audrey Collins (born in Scotland, now working at The National Archives at Kew.) WOW! That is quite a line-up.

Feedback from participants. Some submitted more than one feedback, which means they attended more than one session. That's dedication!

  • Betty Lu: Thank-You even though I do not have Scotland research, this HOA gave me many ideas on my own research.
  • Pam: Thank you everyone for the most amazing class. I have numerous ancestors in Scotland. I think I will have to go back and watch them all again to help me with my research. You all are awesome.  
  • Pam (again!): Thanks Clair.  You did an amazing job with this Scotland class.
  • Ed: Sorry to leave abruptly, but I didn't wish to interrupt an animated discussion!  Thanks for the nice session!
  • Molly: I love seeing these records.  My own Scotsmen came to the USA in the 1700's, so we probably won't find much about them. [Note: we did come up with some great record sets for Molly!]
  • Laurie M: thanks Billy and Claire a great class today.
  • Cate: Amen - fantastic class. :)
  • Sandy B: thank you all!
  • Christine: Thank you Myrt, Russ, Claire and Billy! A great week.
  • DB: Learned alot including websites to explore...thanks everybody!
  • Cary: Thanks again. Love the new nuggets of information. Appreciate all your hard work to make these presentations!
  • Rachel: scotlandspeople makes me jealous. The amount of information available is incredible.
  • Kathleen: Really looking forward to this. Unfortunately, I'll be at work when it happens, but I look forward to seeing it on YouTube in the evening!
  • Hilary: Just recommended this hangout to a new member on WikiTree as he has lots of Scottish ancestors and lives in Scotland.
  • Lori (again!): Right now I have no Scottish ancestors that I know of but you know as a genealogist if the opportunity arises you take the class just in case.
  • Betty Lu (again!): I agree no known Scottish ancestors but looking forward to seeing how Scottish research is the same and different than USA research.
  • Sandy (again!): Great bunch of info, can't wait for next session.
  • Caitland: 'm so excited for this! On my Aussie (paternal) side, my Scottish ancestors came from Perthshire, Edinburgh, & Aberdeen. On my American (maternal) side, I've been told they came from Renfrewshire but have yet to prove/find any info yet.
  • Molly (again!):love this class.I have learned so much and have great ideas on how to go forward, if I ever find out where my ancestor entered the USA. 
  • Patricia: great class!!!! thanks

SURE you may watch the all 13 one-hour session on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel, embedded below, but why not obtain full access via DearMYRTLE's Google+ Community. The link are provided at the end of each session's posting in the bulletted list below:

  • SESSION 1: (17 June 2015) Syllabus: FamilySearch Wiki - Scotland located here: and our Google Sheet: Comments with additional links posted here
  • SESSION 2:  (24 June 2015) Prisoners of war, state adopting original parishes for civil records, GRO, window tax,  Comments with additional links posted here:
  • SESSION 3: (8 July 2015) Almshouse, census 1911, earliest 1841, occupations, parish numbers, Comments with additional links posted here:
  • SESSION 4: (18 July 2015) Hospitals, Black Watch Museum. Comments with additional links posted here:
  • SESSION 5: (5 Aug 2015) Medicine, birth and death practices, Mitchell Library, Dictionary, Fleet Marriage, Comments with additional links posted here:
  • SESSION 6: ( 12 Aug 2015) Marriage banns, church customs. Comments with additional links here:
  • SESSION 7:  (26 Aug 2015) Gretna Green, marriage records, poorhouses. Comments with additional links here:
  • SESSION 8: (2 Sept 2015) ScotlandsPeople, Dunbar, poor relief, GenUK-I, "listed building" and mining. Comments with additional links here:
  • SESSION 9: (10 Sept 2015) Emigrants, noted Scotland researchers: David Dobson, Donald Whyte. Gazetteer, hand writing, mort cloths. Comments with additional links here:
  • SESSION 10: (16 Sept 2015) National Insurance Act, monumental inscriptions in pamphlet, book & website format. FamilySearch Scotland Wiki page. Comments with additional links here:
  • SESSION 11: (23 Sept 2015)  Some special census, some military records but with a focus on BMD (birth, marriage and dead) records. Don't forget the Day/Month/Year switcheroo. Comments with additional links here:
  • SESSION 12: (30 Sept 2015) Military records. This session sparked such conversation that an entire 4-session series of UK-I military records is planned for early 2016. Comments with additional links here:
  • SESSION 13: (7 Oct 2015) Probate. If you are accustomed to US research, you'll especially want to tune in and find out about different terms. Some are easy like "movables." Comments with additional links here:

Happy family tree climbing!
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