Thursday, April 7, 2016

My DNA Results Are In! To be unveiled to the world in this LIVE webinar

You inspired me. I did it. The results came back. And now I want YOU to be there!
I'm talking about my first DNA test of course. A few months back I asked for your advice about which DNA test to order. With your help and encouragement I did it. In fact, I ordered two tests - one for each of my mother's parents. And just recently I received an email with this subject line:
Your AncestryDNA results are in!
I clicked on the link and browsed around a bit. Before I looked too closely, however, I closed it down. Not because I didn't like what I saw, but because I thought I would invite YOU to be with me - LIVE! while I explored my results. What I briefly saw looked interesting, and I think it could help with one of my brick wall problems, but I wasn't really sure what I was looking at. So I invited DNA expert, Diahan Southard, to join me to interpret the results in a brand new Watch Geoff Live: DNA live webinar on April 19, 2016, where we will discover together what this DNA test is all about.
The result will be a live and unscripted session giving DNA neophytes (like me, and maybe some of you) a first-hand look at what to expect from a DNA test. I'd love to share this experience with all of you, so please register for the live webinar here. Previous Watch Geoff Live! webinars have been wildly successful and I expect this one to be no different. Well, unless my DNA explains I was found under a rock like my Dad used to tell me.

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