Friday, January 6, 2017

Using DNA to Find an Unexpected, Improper Ancestor

Jim Baker has gone his entire genealogical life believing one thing about his great-grandfather. He had no reason to believe it could have been anyone else. Until he got his DNA tested.
This webinar, perhaps more than any other class I've ever participated in, has caused me to wonder how genetically accurate my tree really is. No longer do I believe that our genealogical research can be complete without DNA testing.
I'm not just telling you this because this webinar is a bonus members-only webinar and I am trying to trick you into subscribing as an annual or monthly webinar member (although I'd really love for you to join today if you haven't). What Jim Baker teaches in "Opening Pandora’s Box: Using DNA to Find an Unexpected, Improper Ancestor" may open your genealogical eyes to something you've never considered. Watch it today before you make any other genealogical conclusion.
If you're a newbie to genetic genealogy, begin with Blaine Bettinger's 5-class series hereor read/purchase his book here. Then come back and watch Jim's new webinar here.

Webinar Description

This presentation discusses strategies to show how DNA results can be used to identify family adoptions and other Non-Paternity Events. These events may occur at any point in one’s genealogical paper tree, and sometimes may cause major surprises for DNA users. A case study is presented in which a well-researched family tree was turned upside down by DNA results for the 4th generation.

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