Friday, February 24, 2017

Free Webinars from Familysearch

In my mailbox today came a news release from Familysearch detailing their free classes and webinars for March 2017. There is something here for everybody.

Free Family History Library Classes and Webinars in March 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah (20 August 2017), Take advantage of 36 free family history classes and webinars in March 2017 through the world reknowned Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Attend in person or online. Check out the Denmark, England, Scotland, Sweden, Wales historic record classes, sessions on how to read records in Dutch and Portuguese, as well as sessions in Spanish.  
Classes offered online are noted as "Webinars". Webinar attendees need to click on the link next to the class title to attend the online class on the scheduled date and time. Those attending the Library in-person need to simply go to the room noted. Invite family and friends. All times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST). No registration is required. Mark your calendars for events you want to join so you don't forget.
Not able to attend a webinar live or in-person? Most sessions are taped and can be viewed later online at your convenience in the archive for Family History Library Classes and Webinars.
Find and share this schedule of classes online in the FamilySearch Media Room

Wed, 1-Mar, 10:00 AMDutch Language Records Indexing (Beginner)
Wed, 1-Mar, 1:00 PMAsk Your United States Research Question (Beginner)
Sat, 4-Mar, 1:00 PMRecibiendo respuestas del Árbol Familiar (General) (Beginner)
Sat, 4-Mar, 2:00 PMRecibiendo respuestas del Árbol Familiar (para miembros SUD) (Beginner)
Mon, 6-Mar, 10:00 AMUsing the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (Beginner)
Wed, 8-Mar, 10:00 AMIndexing Leadership Training (Beginner)
Wed, 8-Mar, 11:00 AMBritish Case Study (Beginner)
Wed, 8-Mar, 1:00 PMThe Value of Danish Military Levying Rolls (Beginner)
Wed, 8-Mar, 3:00 PMSwedish Jurisdictions and the Records They Kept (Beginner)
Wed, 8-Mar, 6:30 PMIndexing Leadership Training (Beginner)
Thur, 9-Mar, 11:00 AMResearch Logs (Beginner)
Thur, 9-Mar, 1:00 PMStarting Family Tree: Photos and Documents (Beginner)
Mon, 13-Mar, 1:00 PMBlessings and Curses of Tracing Welsh Ancestry (Beginner)
Mon, 13-Mar, 2:00 PMWelsh Naming Patterns and Customs (Beginner)
Tue, 14-Mar, 1:00 PMHow to Trace England Ancestry Online (Beginner)
Tue, 14-Mar, 2:00 PMTracing Non-Church of England Ancestry (Beginner)
Tue, 14-Mar, 3:00 PMDanish Census Records Online (Beginner)
Wed, 15-Mar, 10:00 AMPortuguese Language Records Indexing (Beginner)
Wed, 15-Mar, 1:00 PMScotland's 'Lost' Other Half: Tracing Difficult Ancestral Lines in Scotland's Non-Parochial (Church) Registers (Beginner)
Wed, 15-Mar, 2:00 PMUsing Church of Scotland Parochial Registers to Trace Scots Ancestry (Beginner)
Thur, 16-Mar, 1:00 PMTurning the Tables on Tracing Elusive Ancestry in England/Wales Civil Registration Records: How to Trace Ancestry Using Online BMD Indexes! (Beginner)
Thur, 16-Mar, 2:00 PMEngland Resources for Family History at FindMyPast (Beginner)
Fri, 17-Mar, 9:00 AMTracing Irish Roman Catholic Ancestry (Beginner)
Fri, 17-Mar, 10:00 AMFinding Ancestry in Ireland Civil Registration Records (Beginner)
Fri, 17-Mar, 11:00 AMIreland Census & Census Substitutes (Beginner)
Fri, 17-Mar, 1:00 PMThe Scots-Irish: Plantation and Settlement of Ulster in the 17th Century (Beginner)
Fri, 17-Mar, 2:00 PMKey Websites for Tracing Ancestry in Ireland (Beginner)
Sat, 18-Mar, 1:00 PM¿Qué harías tú? (Beginner)
Mon, 20-Mar, 10:00 AMUsing the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (Beginner)
Wed, 22-Mar, 10:00 AMSpanish Language Records Indexing (Beginner)
Wed, 22-Mar, 2:00 PMExploring Danish Parish Registers (Beginner)
Thur, 23-Mar, 11:00 AMRevolutionary War Records (Beginner)
Thur, 23-Mar, 1:00 PMStarting Family Tree: Open Questions and Answers (Beginner)
Tue, 28-Mar, 1:00 PMQ & A: Ask Your Own British Research Questions! (Beginner)
Wed, 29-Mar, 10:00 AMItalian Language Indexing (1½ hours) (Beginner)
Thur, 30-Mar, 1:00 PMScandinavian Feast Days and Calendars (Beginner)

About FamilySearch

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