Thursday, December 13, 2018

101 Ways to Design a Genealogy Chart - free webinar by Janet Hovorka now online for limited time

101 Ways to Design a Genealogy Chart - free webinar by Janet Hovorka now online for limited time
The recording of Wednesday's webinar, "101 Ways to Design a Genealogy Chart” by Janet Hovorka is now available to view at for free for a limited time.
Webinar Description
Tired of the regular fan, left to right or top to bottom chart? Want to show off your family relationships, places and time periods in an engaging way? If your clients and family members aren't clamoring for more, maybe you're just not showing it off effectively. The visual presentation of a family's history is one of the most powerful communication tools for genealogists. What is the difference between a butterfly, hourglass, waterfall, DNA and bow-tie chart and which format will show ALL of your family members? How do you squish a whole bunch of people onto a teeny tiny paper? Get lots of creative, artistic hints and come learn about the best tools for displaying your family's history.
View the Recording at
If you could not make it to the live event or just want to watch it again, the 1 hour 34 minute recording of "101 Ways to Design a Genealogy Chart"  is now available to view in our webinar library for free for a limited time. Or watch it at your convenience with an annual or monthly webinar membership
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