Thursday, September 24, 2020

'Draft' Schedule for November 28th ViC


Most of the presentations for November's ViC have been recorded so I have been able to set a draft schedule. There may be some minor adjustments to the timing, but these will really be minor.  

Here's the program as it stands now: 

8:30 - Gillebride MacMillan will get us started with an introductory Gaelic lesson 

9:45 - Lorna Steele's presentation will give us a look at the wealth of resources available through the Highland Archive Services 

11:00 - Alison Diamond will share the resources available within the Argyll Estate Papers 

We will take a lunch break following Alison's Q&A 

1:00 pm - Alexander Thomson will start the afternoon telling us about the Emigrants who left Cromarty and about the ships that they sailed on. 

2:10 pm - Karly Kehoe will tell us about the Highland Scots who arrived in Nova Scotia. 

We will take a short break after Karly's presentation. 

3:30 pm - Paul Nixon will help us round out the afternoon with his presentation on Scottish Regiments. 

5:05 pm - we finish up with Robert Howie of Historic Edinburgh Tours taking us on a virtual tour of Edinburgh and the sites associated with the Jacobites. 

Access to the recordings of all 7 presentations will be available until January 10th. Registration is just $79cad for the day. 

You can register here:

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