Monday, May 3, 2021

Top 10 genealogy webinars - April 2021


We've tallied the numbers and made a list of the Top 10 classes for April 2021! Are your favorite topics or instructors among the list? Need something new to learn? Use the list to get inspired!

Each month thousands of Legacy Family Tree Webinar subscribers head for the library to learn new skills and techniques to help improve their genealogy research. Among the now-1,507 genealogy classes in the members-only library, these were the most frequently played during the month of April 2021.  They aren't necessarily the newest classes but rather the topics that were sought out by our members.

Have you seen any of these classes? Are these among your favorites too? Some of these classes (and topics) might be new to you! Get inspired to learn more and make your genealogy journey more fun!

The Top 10 for April 2021

1. - 10 Links You Have to Try by Devin Ashby

2. Fifty Overlooked Genealogical Resources in Fifty Minutes by Diane L. Richard

3. Record As You Go, Cite As You Go, & File As You Go by Cyndi Ingle

4. An Introduction to DNA Painter by Jonny Perl

5. Reporting on Research: Standards Encourage Better Communication by Nancy A. Peters, CG, CGL

6. 'What are the Odds?' An online tool that can help solve DNA puzzles by Jonny Perl

7. Seeing the Patterns: Organize, Visualize, & Evaluate the Evidence by Teri E. Flack

8. Surname Slip-Ups: Baffling Beginnings by Carol Baxter

9. Four Factors Influencing Your DNA Ethnicity Results by Diahan Southard

10. Organization: The Key to Successful Research by Teri E. Flack

The Runner-Ups

11. Four ways DNA Painter can help with your family history research by Jonny Perl

12. Write As You Go! A Methodology for Efficient Report Writing by Jill Morelli, CG

13. 3 Ways to Advance Your Research with Correlation by Shannon Green, CG

14. Turning Raw Information into Evidence: Tips for Drawing and Explaining Conclusions by J. H. (Jay) Fonkert, CG

15. Leaving a paper trail - Other German sources besides church books and civil records by Andrea Bentschneider

16. Learning More about American Female Ancestors Prior to 1850 by Gena Philibert-Ortega

17. Townlands, Parishes and Baronies - understanding land administrative divisions in Ireland by Natalie Bodle

18. Researching Ancestral Locations in Prussian Genealogy Records by Nancy E. Loe, MA, MLS

19. How to share access to AncestryDNA test results (TechZone) by Paul Woodbury

20. In Their Own Words: Genealogy in the Slave Narratives by Renate Yarborough Sanders

The 2nd Runner-Ups

21. Begotten by Fornication: Illegitimacy records in England and Wales by Helen V. Smith

22. Collaboration and Correspondence for DNA by Paul Woodbury

23. Maintaining an Organized Computer by Cyndi Ingle

24. Superb Seven: Fabulous Avenues for Finding Family in Manuscript Collections by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS

25. Add a Torn Edge to an Image (TechZone) by Diane Boumenot

26. See your ancestors like never before with MyHeritage's photo tools by Tal Erlichman

27. Searching Internet Archive's Wayback Machine (TechZone) by Gena Philibert-Ortega

28. Genealogy Gifts and Games by Janice Nickerson

29. How to Find Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations in Canada by Kathryn Lake Hogan

30. Using different family tree views for your research by Uri Gonen

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