Friday, September 3, 2021

Webtember! Replays of today's 8 classes now online for limited time

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Our first day of Webtember is in the books, and what a marvelous day it was! More than 5,000 of you from 52 countries registered for the live event. Here's just a few of my favorite comments from viewers:

Fantastic to be able to have professional presenters right in my home! - Sherri

The speakers were wonderful and gave us so much information....most of which I didn't know before. I've never heard of the FAN system and can't wait to start using it. Roberta's DNA painting was awesome though something I am going to have to watch several times to get all that information and learn how to do it myself. Fascinating history also from Peggy on the modes of transportation our ancestors had to go through to get from place to place. The hardships they went through. WOW! - Debbie

What a way to kick off the month! A fantastic and informative line up this morning. Looking forward to exploring DNA Painter more and looking into the routes my ancestors took from New England to the Carolinas. And who knew there was even more to learn about using the FAN club. I love it when I find the little nuggets that make this even more fun. This is hands-down some of the best genealogy dollars I spend every year! - Laurel

Watch the Replays

The replays are available to view, for free, through the end of September. Webinar members also have access to today's 63 pages of supplemental syllabus materials.

Click here for the replays.

Here's the list of today's classes:

  • FAN Club in Action: a Simple Case Study by Geoff Rasmussen
  • Paint Your Way Up Yor Tree with MyHeritage and DNAPainter by Roberta Estes
  • America’s Turnpikes, Rivers, and Canals by Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG
  • Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color by Anita Wills
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of German Military Records by Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG
  • Seventeen Secrets to Successful Scanning by Denise May Levenick
  • Finding Jane Graham’s Parents: Using Clusters and Records in Three Countries by Mary Kircher Roddy, CG
  • How Can I Get a Legal Coat of Arms in Scotland? by Dr. Bruce Durie

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Webtember schedule

Join us on Fridays in September. Here's the flyer with the schedule.

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